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High quality bakery products without additives

At Artizán, we only produce high quality bakery products, made of fresh, local ingredients, baked in-store. We make sure that the quality and composition of our products is adequate to ensure high nutrient content.

Nowadays, popular bakery products are manufactured by an accelerated process to be on the shelves within four hours, including the kneading, baking and cooling periods of the “bread”. This can only be achieved by adding dough conditioners, yeast accelerators and enhancers. Such artificial additives make bread lose its true flavour and they also put undue strain on our digestive system.

However, at Artizán we do not use any additives in our bakery products.

There is a growing need for yeast-free and whole-grain products, as nowadays we are less concerned with eating high-quality food and there is also a dramatic increase in the number of people with various allergies. Healthy, organic, all-natural, additive-free bakery products are hardly available on the domestic market.

At Artizán we offer hand-made products baked in-store. We only use high quality, local, and whenever possible, organic ingredients. We do not use additives, dough enhancers and preservatives.


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